Tuesday, September 25, 2018

A Needless Step Up

So I recently picked up the recent VEGAS PRO 15 thing off Steam because there was a huge discount on it... I'm guessing because there's a number 16 in the line's future. I haven't yet tried the thing out since I've got a bunch of ol' Vegas 14 files I want to get over and done with, but I'll certainly give it a shot sooner or later.

Unfortunately, VEGAS PRO 15 stalls whenever I try to import one of my MP4s from which I record my live footage for PC-related gameplay and/or DTM House Shows, prompting me to shut down the program prematurely. Now I know why this thing got mixed reviews while the old version I already have continues to garner very positive reviews.

I've since requested a refund for the program. All things considered, I might end up buying Mega Man 11 with the money.

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