Friday, August 24, 2018

Big Bang Theory To End Next May... Thank Fuck For That


The Big Bang Theory, the most popular series among geeks for whatever reason that began way back in 2007, is going to end its run after a whopping twelve seasons... and thank fuck for that.

I remember watching this show in its early days and being rather unimpressed by it. While there was some moments of brief entertainment - anything involving Wil Wheaton of all people - for the most part, it was just an irritating show that somehow got watched by a whole bunch of stupid people and I could never get into. When I watch a show, I usually stick around because the characters are likable and maybe even relatable to a certain extent... and Big Bang Theory featured neither of these traits in any of these characters, who come off as unlikeable, self-entitled assholes and stereotypes... much like modern-day social media.

Hey, no wonder why I couldn't get into this show!

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