Saturday, July 14, 2018

WWE 2K19 Not Coming To Nintendo Switch... And Nothing Of Value Was Lost.


This is old news, but for those who missed it, 2K Games officially confirmed that WWE 2K19 will NOT be coming to Nintendo Switch, as apparently the series' sole Switch outing last year was such a bungled mess of a game that it was being pretty much "minus five starred" to death by anyone who has played it.

I, not having a Switch, never did get around to playing that version... although I will say that even the full-sized version I got off Steam wasn't anything special, either. I suppose some of that bitter taste has to do with 2K selling the game in both "regular" and "deluxe" editions, with the latter costing an arm and a leg, but includes all the DLC material. In comparison, WWE 2K15, WWE 2K16, and I think even WWE 2K17 were released months after the console releases, but they were cheaper and included all DLC from the get-go; no "deluxe" package bullshit needed.

So I guess now that I've had my taste of the WWE 2K gaming scene, I won't be venturing for the next one.

But getting back to the Switch debacle... I find it amazing that the old THQ were somehow able to get downgraded ports of WWE '12 and WWE '13 onto the vastly underpowered Wii console years prior and those still played exceptionally well. As a matter of fact, I just recently got around to playing WWE '13 for the first time in years and I picked the game up like it was yesterday. What a fun and enjoyable little game that was. So someone explain to me how we got perfectly functional WWE video games on the Wii ages ago, but today Switch owners had to settle for a shitty port that, from the videos I've seen, should have NEVER made it past the closed beta stage.

I so desperately want to end this with a Cornette Face... but I guess opening up with Cole's face smashed against a glass booth more than sums up this whole mess.

For fucking shame, 2K Games.

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