Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Works Fine On My End...

In a follow-up to a previous post, I eventually downloaded and installed the recently released Mega Man X Legacy Collection compilations from Steam and gave them what can be described as a rather quick playthrough each of the games. And while I'm sure everyone's experience is going to be different based on their set-ups, I found the collections to work just fine. Performance-wise, I didn't seem to encounter any of the problems that others have come across.

Mind you, I've been playing it on the default screen settings in windowed mode and chances are these issues may pop up on higher resolutions, but since the chances of me playing fullscreen are slim to none since I use windowed views to capture footage, this hasn't proven to be a massive issue... yet.

In any event, the collections work fine. There are quibbles to be had as far as the package is concerned, but in terms of performance, I've yet to encounter any major issues. Now whether this merits a video or not is an entirely different story, but... let's not cross that road just yet.

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