Friday, July 13, 2018

There's A Walmart That Sells Window XP Upgrades... In A Box

My buddy sent me this picture he took of a Walmart up north that was somehow selling this lone boxed copy of a Windows XP upgrade kit (complete with Service Pack 2!) An opportunity to run by said store happened a couple days ago and it's still there.

For those who don't understand the significance of this, Windows XP is a very old, very ancient version of Windows that saw widespread use in the early to mid 2000s before eventually getting succeeded by the controversial Windows Vista. Microsoft had discontinued all support for Windows XP about a year or two ago.

I want you folks to process this wonderful piece of business. There is a Walmart in the year 2018 that is attempting to sell a copy of WINDOWS FUCKING XP - and not even the full version; it's just an upgrade! And on top of that, it's well over ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS!

This is all brilliantly preposterous. I am glad to have witnessed this oddity in space and time... and on Friday The 13th no less.

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