Tuesday, July 24, 2018

The Mega Man X Legacy Of Middling Mediocrity Continues... Allegedly

Mega Man X had a somewhat troubling legacy to say the least. After three quality outings on the Super Nintendo, the series made the jump to Playstation and things started falling apart. Oh sure, the fourth entry was a fun enough romp with some minor quibbles, but Mega Man X5 added more quibbles to be had and Mega Man X6 had the distinction of not only being a terrible mess of a game, but it was a game that wasn't supposed to be.

And then we got Mega Man X7 and its ill-fated jump to 3D that failed miserably. Mega Man X8 undid the damage and there was a nice deviation with the Command Mission game... but then years of silence with only one terrible iPhone port of the first game being the only spark of life in the series up until this point... well, some things just don't change.

So the Mega Man X Legacy Collections were just released today. I didn't play them yet, but I did pre-order them against my better judgment since I don't like to pre-order things. And it turns out that my better judgment would've prevailed here because according to Steam reviews, the collections have some performance issues; locked framerates, limited customization options as far as keyboard binding and screen resolutions are concerned, and a couple other bits that makes these less than stellar affairs.

I won't know about these issues until I play the games for myself. Just don't expect a video on the subject unless I really feel compelled to do one. Also, make a mental note to myself; NO MORE PRE-ORDERS. Mega Man 11 is on my Steam wishlist and when it's up and running, I'll buy it then and there. No more of this pre-order bullshit.

Besides, my plate's full at the moment. I still have a couple video reviews to polish up, I'm still working on the Pixel Player bit as well as a couple other side projects... AND the new version of Mega Man Maker will be up tomorrow if not soon, which means I have to get ready to back up my current musical catalogue.

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