Friday, July 6, 2018

Le Lex Express To Chokesville, Now On The WWE Network

So WWE uploaded a three-hour Lex Express package onto the WWE Network's hidden gems section, which includes the entire USS Intrepid slam challenge (the show where you had a bunch of guys try and fail to bodyslam then-WWF champion Yokozuna before ol' Flexy Lexy did the deed), a lot of B-roll footage of Lex Luger riding the Lex Express, doing interviews, kissing babies, and then culminating in the Summerslam 1993 main event, which saw Lex Luger challenge for the World championship against Yokozuna and win... via countout.

Do I really need to re-iterate this main event bullshit?

Shitty payoff aside, this is actually quite a nice piece of history that they put together. There's not much excitement in the middle portion between the Intrepid show and the Summerslam main, but if you enjoy watching B-roll stuff or just want something a little different or akin to those WWE 24 things without the overproduction, it's not too bad of a show.

See, this is the sort of stuff that makes the Network worthwhile. Sure, watching old PPVs and TV shows is a good value on its own, but sometimes, you'll find a hidden gem (no pun intended) that you might actually enjoy. And for what it's worth, that's a pretty sweet deal.

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