Tuesday, July 24, 2018

It's Brock Vs. Roman (Again)

Full disclosure: I wrote this brief blurb Monday afternoon at around 2:30 p.m. prior to leaving for work with the intent of having a post to fill Tuesday morning. Because WWE is utterly predictable when it comes to their wanting to make Roman look really, really strong despite having him lose a bunch of matches, I have no problem proclaiming that Roman would win the rematch. Hell, I even predicted it in my Extreme Rules musings this past weekend.

In any event, here we go again, I suppose.

Because I guess the umpteenth time is the charm. I guess we can look forward to the Summerslam main event where thousands of New Yorkers will either boo Roman, come up with "inventive" chants, play with their balls, or maybe walk out to beat the traffic. And then the only mystery would be whether they finally pull the trigger on a Roman Reigns title reign or they keep it on Brock so that they can have him carry the belt at whatever UFC he ends up fighting in down the line... assuming he doesn't fail any drug tests.

Either way, if this is the main event, I'm going to bed early.

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