Saturday, July 14, 2018

EGM Once Thought Killer Instinct For Game Boy Was Awful

Taken from the DefunctGames website, who has a number of articles noting the best and worst games video gaming periodical Electronic Gaming Monthly. And in the list comprising EGM's worst reviewed games of 1996, who should take the cake but the subject of last Sunday's video offering, Killer Instinct for Game Boy.

I have the issue in question buried somewhere and I do recall the low scores this version had gotten. It wouldn't be until years later that I'd finally get around to playing this particular version of the game and I was amazed by how "not bad" this port actually was. And so having played the game, I can't help but laugh at the reviews these guys shot out at the time.

Then again, looking back at these lists, especially for the years that I haven't been following EGM at the time, I have to wonder if all these reviews were on the ball of sorts.

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