Saturday, July 7, 2018

Den Of Geek Talks About Amit's Bad Power Rangers Ideas


Den Of Geek, a geek website, decided to post a musings of sort on three rejected ideas from former PR writer Amit Whatshisface. This covers the Hexagon season intended for Ninja Storm (which I thought was a fucking horrible idea), his Go-Busters/Cyber-Corps pitch that would've taken place on Mirinoi (where those Lost Galaxy colonists ended up being ages ago), and an alternate take on Power Rangers Samurai.

Out of the three ideas, the only one that I was the most intrigued by was the Samurai take; mostly because it didn't come off as fan-wankery as the other two ideas did, but also because I'd have to imagine that any other take on Samurai should've been better than the Samurai season we eventually did get.

The guy wrote two good episodes of Power Rangers; one of which is the best anniversary episode the series has concocted. But all his ideas beyond those episodes just come off as really shitty fanficcy wankfests.

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