Monday, July 2, 2018

Boom Studios Has Fucked Up The MMPR Archives

Longtime fans of Power Rangers will recall a series of comics produced by Marvel in the series heyday that focused on the Ninja Ranger portion of MMPR Season 3. One issue in particular features a story called Dark Thunder, where Lord Zedd seemingly creates Dark Rangers from old powers and had them pilot old Thunderzords to confront the Ninjazords, only for said Rangers to go away and never to be seen again. It is a popular story among the fandom, despite being the usual poorly-crafted drivel that comprised the majority of that Marvel run.

As of late, there have been reports that MMPR Archive is missing a page from this story, specifically the concluding page of this Dark Thunder storyline that ultimately went nowhere, but its omission is noticeable. At first, I thought this was just an issue with the printed versions, but turns out even the digital version on Comixology is missing this vital page that concludes the story.

Yeah, so this is a pretty major fuck-up. And I am quite frankly amazed that Boom hasn't taken the time to address or even fix the issue. Too bad, because aside from that one major omission (for the sake of completion more than anything,) this is a nice comprehensive collection of the early comics from Hamilton and Marvel. But I would be extremely weary of purchasing a physical book until this particular snafu has been fixed.

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