Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Ataribox Nearing $3 Million... For The Realz, Yo.

So despite the fact that the Indiegogo campaign has since terminated, funds are still being counted and raised over at the IndieGoGo page itself. And from the looks of things, Ataribox may very well break the three million dollar mark before the end of this week... so it took them FIVE WEEKS to get to THREE MILLION...

Goodness gracious, I need a stiff drink or twenty... but then again, I'll settle for really strong coffee so that I can stay up late tonight and whip up a couple audio tracks and eventually, I'll put together a quick script to read off of regarding Ataribox that will assemble my thoughts on this thing in a more concise manner... allegedly.

In any event, this was a thing that took place. Now whether it becomes a thing that happens is another story, but like a bad sportz-entertainment angle, we may have to just let it play out and see where it goes.

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