Tuesday, June 12, 2018

The Surprise E3-Related Post

So, as an obvious show of weakness, I decided to cave and check out some of the E3 coverage for the purposes of mild amusement. As a whole, I don't expect a whole lot of stuff here to be of relative interest to me personally, but I'd figure this would be a nice way to kill a few minutes. I'm going to be a couple days behind on these posts if I decide to do more of them, but it shouldn't be much of an issue since nothing I say here outside of whatever personal inflections might come about hasn't already been said by others who follow this stuff more closely.

Regardless, here's Part 1 of... something, I guess.

Anyway, from what I understand, the EA conference was the worst right off the bat due to its lackluster game announcements and piss-poor presentation. The revival of the Command & Conquer series did pique my interest somewhat... until I saw the game was going to be a simple mobile game, as demonstrated by two players of the e-sports variety; two jabronies whom I've never heard dabbling in a genre of entertainment that I refuse to call an actual sport, e or no e.

Actually, they had quite a few of these e-players showcasing their games. One even had a title... and I'd imagine that title has more prestige and meaning than WWE's red belt being held by Bork Lazer.

So they're pushing more stuff for their highly crapped upon Star Wars Battlefront II game that apparently, nobody likes. All I have to say is that I'm glad I stuck with old Battlefront II because that's still a fine game... that and there's a whole ton of other Star Wars games I can play ranging a wide variety of games. And it's somewhat unfortunate because this new one looks rather nice and I wish it just stuck with the formula of the old games instead of... whatever it is they do these days.

Fun digression; my brother was wanting to get a PS4 for himself and was asking me if it was worth picking up to play the first new Battlefront game a few years back. I told him some specs I knew about this system, but also told him he could easily play the game on his computer, which had decent enough specs. The hurdle to the whole plan was the apparent lack of crossplay or whatever the case may be; as neither of us were sure if we could play together while I was on PC and he was on PS4. Ultimately, he never got the console and spent all that money on getting a whole bunch of Star Fleet Battles stuff... and that's the game we're playing. Pen and paper. Dice. No lootbox bullshit.

So after an EA press conference that felt like a waste of time despite "reliving" said conference through second-hand accounts, I go to watch a pre-taped 20-minute presentation from developer Devolver Digital, a company that I've had little to no familiarity with and was thoroughly entertained by the parody of the typical E3 press conference that hype up grand things and say nothing. The games themselves aren't anything I'd be interested in, but it was an otherwise entertaining sales pitch if nothing else. In fact, once I was done with this, I looked up the presentation they did last year and got a kick out of that too. This was definitely a highlight of the event so far.

And that's all I've got. There's an Xbox conference that didn't get me a whole lot excited about anything they showed, a SquareEnix conference that was mostly game trailers and other pre-taped bits that may have been seen at the Xbox thing, and then there was the Bethesda one where the only thing I got was a new Doom game called Doom Eternal, which reminds me of an old Doom Megawad called Eternal Doom... don't know why that is, however.

Anyway, that was a thing that happened. We'll see if there are more things that happened along the way.

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