Thursday, June 7, 2018

Soul Of The Dragon: Kyle Higgins' Tommy Wankfest Continues

So Boom Studios recently announced another Power Rangers comic book and wouldn't you know it; it's yet another Tommy-centric comic book written by Kyle Higgins. Oh boy, because clearly we haven't had enough of the Tommy Wankfest from Mr. Higgins, what with the alt-universe "Evil Tommy" bad guy that reeks of unoriginal fanficcy tripe (we've all done that bit, even me).

I was fine with the focus when the book started because the transitional period of the Green Ranger and the addition of a new member of the team was something that was never really touched on. And then you toss in an alternate universe ruled by an evil Ranger that everyone knew was an evil Tommy because of course it was. And then we had to find a way to keep that worthless character around and make him the central villain of a major comic event.

Look, I'm going to reserve judgment on the whole Shattered Grid thing until it reaches its eventual conclusion and I'd imagine I'm probably going back to the beginning of the series and giving some quick thoughts on each chapter. And this older Tommy comic might give me a couple chuckles here or there (though to be honest; I've been that road as well, so that's not quite original territory, either.)

But I'm warning you folks; if the end of Shattered Grid isn't Kyle Higgins inserting himself into the story and giving Jason Frank a blowjob, then all the hype would've have been for nothing.

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