Monday, June 11, 2018

No Reprise Of The Summer Of Punk

Yeah, it's that kind of post.

Our old buddy, our old pal Chick Magnet Punk has had an interesting couple weeks. He had the big trial against the Z-Pak Doctor and won. And then he had his second UFC fight and lost. And then Corey Graves decides to start a Twitter thing because that's what you do when you want to come off as "cool" and "hip."

Listen, I don't care, either way. I will cherish the good memories Punk has given me through his wrestling endeavors and if he never wants to go back to that, then that's okay. Whatever makes him happy going forward, I wish him all the best. And as much as we rail him about his UFC failures, he tried at least. And he should be applauded for trying... and I can say that with full confidence and full sincerity because I did not pay a single cent to buy a UFC show for the sole purpose of watching Punk fight... or flail... whatever the case may be.

Because believe or not, contrary to what a lot of the wrestling industry or whatever seems to believe, not everyone who watches wrestling also watches MMA. So trying to make wrestling more like MMA or vice versa is not going to make one like the other automatically.

That having been said, I feel like this should be his last fight. I don't need to hear news of him trying again and chasing that elusive first win. He's got money, he's got other stuff to do that isn't physical, he's got a lovely wife, he's got heart and tenacity, and he still has a head. I'd rather he lived his life than try to risk it in another lopsided endeavor. And besides, I don't think the UFC world wants CM Punk to be the equivalent of the Roman Reigns "THIS TIME FOR SURE!" running joke that WWE audiences had to endure all these years.

So that was a thing.

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