Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Minus Five Star Notifications

Funny little anecdote that I can't help but share...

I have a phone set-up where anytime I would receive a notification, it is announced with a good ol' hearty "Minus Five Stars" courtesy of Figure Four Weekly's Bryan Alvarez. I do this because every time I get a notification, it's annoying. And so I gave it a sound that reflected my thoughts on the gimmick.

Well, while I was having coffee with a couple buddies, one of them was asking me about something that I don't recall the peculiar and then before I can answer, a nice, loud "Minus Five Stars" is heard from my pocket, which scared the piss out of everybody on the table, myself included.

We get a good laugh out of it now, but I get the feeling this is going to get tiresome after a while.

Tomorrow should be seeing the RAW X: Tenth Anniversary special musings... this one covering the special DVD release since I have it. And if all goes well, there will either be a new review or a House Show special. We'll see what happens.

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