Friday, June 1, 2018

Local Library Blocks This Website

Something interesting on the local front. An old childhood chum of mine frequents the local library and noticed that when he tried to access this here blog, he found that it was being blocked due to being part of a category that was blocked. I found it rather curious so during a quick stop at the library on the way to work, I decided to give it a shot myself and, lo and behold, it is indeed blocked.

Well, almost... turns out if I added the https:// bit to the website address, the page loads up normally without a hitch. Still, this is curious, as I was told the site was easily accessible just days earlier. I've even done some work on the site. Oh well... we'll see if this develops into something deeper, but I'd imagine because of the rather sizable number of wrestling related posts, it was put under the wrestling category, which has been banned by the library for some reason.

Funny how a fake sport is a banned category and yet a bloody real sport like MMA is a-okay. Also, Wrestlecrap seems to work here for some reason, so that's rather odd.

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