Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Last Sunday Really Pissed Me Off

Well, no, not really... had a wonderful Sunday.

For those who are wondering - that would be about three of you - I haven't seen the PPV beyond a couple matches that happened to be on as background noise during the week. The matches turned out to be the Daniel Bryan Danielson vs. Consensual Penis/Big Cass and later on, the Ronda match, where Jonathan Coachman said the stupidest line on commentary that prompted the Quotable reaction that was posted a couple days ago. Anything I know about Asuka being turned into Just Another Geek, I've seen via online clips.

I'm not planning a write-up on the show nor do I plan on sitting down and watching it; the show's simply too damn long and there wasn't much to look forward to. I will say that of the two matches I've seen, it was... fine. Bryan's match with Big Cass was better than their previous outing, but nothing to write home about. And as far as Rousey is concerned, I thought her match with Nia Jax was fine. I'm not the biggest Rousey fan in the world and didn't care for her UFC stuff or her bored expressions that people are passing off as "death glares" or whatever, but from what I've seen, she's made the transition rather nicely and, provided the booking doesn't go to shit, she might actually do well in WWE.

Let's just hope she doesn't become the next Roman Reigns.

So while that show was taking place on Sunday, I was playing an old NES game called Faria, which is a hybrid role-playing game combined with Zelda-style overhead action bits. It's a slow start and for anyone who wants to complain about how Dragon Warrior I has long grind sessions, play this game, where virtually every enemy you kill is worth one point. This may change as the game progresses, but still... bah.

The planned thing that I have on Friday that would've been used for a Power Rangers Reflections Redux is on hold for now... on the bright side, I can push BACK the PRRR and it'll be featured this coming Friday. It's not as wholesome as other entries as it covers a gimmick episode, but it is a new entry, for whatever that's worth.

Once I get back from real life stuff, I'll be testing out the new headsets by recording a quick House Show. I did some quick recordings here and there beforehand and things sound rather promising once all the drivers and set-up doohickies were set-up. This isn't going to replace the Yeti when it comes to the heavy stuff like reviews and stuff, but it could be work with commentaries, house shows, and possibly even a certain audio program that has been long dormant.

Fingers crossed.

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