Saturday, June 9, 2018

For Those Curious... The Ataribox Numbers

Ataribox's IndieGoGo campaign has so far accumulated $2.7 million, just shy of surpassing the 3 million mark... well, that's rather anticlimatic considering the somewhat strong start. However, if recent Youtubers are to be believed, apparently Ataribox might not be on the up and up. I'd elaborate on this further, but I'm still trying to find a source for this information before I comment. If that's the case, then... welp.

Still, I might have a little fun with this thing via a video this week, while I save the other video that I wanted to get out for a while now for when the campaign terminates at the end of the month (or earlier). I thought this was going to be a quick thing and it turns out to be a potentially huge video that I need to split in half.

As a bonus, I thought of the idea to try and keep track of this campaign's progress, by recording how much it made at what times. Stuck with the idea last weekend for the most part before I promptly forgot about it, because apparently I had better, more important things to do during the week like produce a stool test or something.  So this is what I recorded:

June 02 09:50 a.m. EST: $2,327,376
June 02 04:14 p.m. EST: $2,327,376
June 02 05:25 p.m. EST: $2,367,076
June 03 11:07 a.m. EST: $2,410,371
June 03 06:45 p.m. EST: $2,445,373
June 04 12:33 a.m. EST: $2,461,554
June 07 10:01 a.m. EST: $2,764,620

As you could probably tell, it wasn't a huge, colossal leap and I was so certain that this thing would surpass 3 million by this point that I was ready to announce that there were new paddle controllers on the way. So maybe that gag video might be worth a damn after all.

As for that other piece of news... well, more on that later, I suppose.

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