Monday, June 18, 2018

Follow-up On The Super Game System

For those who need a refresher, I did a video on a clone SNES system and offered my thoughts on the thing. To make a long story short, the system was not quite up to snuff and I mentioned that I'd give the console to a friend of mine; the same pal who had given me his Sega Genesis Flashback system.

Schlock for shclock, you see.

The live video bits were filmed a week before Friday and took a day or two to grab all the live shots. Once that was done, I went ahead and gave the system to my buddy, telling him that we were even.

Last Sunday, I got an email from my buddy. He had just seen the video that I posted and expressed his mild irritation that I never mentioned the lack of save feature on the system. I asked if he tried any of his RPGs and thankfully he said no; he just wanted the system as a gag gift for someone he knew so that it wouldn't completely be wasted. I promptly apologized for giving him such a shoddy clone system.

His reply?

"Schlock for schlock, brother. Schlock for schlock."

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