Monday, June 18, 2018

DTM Comics - Obscure Language

A potential future for the French Language as well as a meme-able image gets mashed together in this quick little TNG photo-comic thing... the first of what I'm hoping is many.

Some notes:

- Despite being a thriving country in the 24th century, French has been relegated to an obscure language spoken by very few people, much to the chagrin of Capt. Picard, who controls the skies according to Wil Wheaton. This explains why most Frenchmen have British accents.

- The Picard Double-Face-Palm Manuever first made its appearance in the TNG Season 3 episode, The Offspring.

- And yes, on a couple occasions, Picard did indeed say "merde" at least twice in the early seasons of TNG... and nobody chided him for his language because he was the Capt. Picard who controls the skies.

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