Wednesday, June 20, 2018

CBS To Produce MOAR Star Trek Shows In The Future


So with Discovery being a hit of sorts, CBS is going to maximum warp on Star Trek and plans on shooting out multiple series based on different settings. Some of these include one based on Starfleet Academy, a Khan limited series, an animated series of sorts, and one that might bring back the bald captain who controls the skies.

Now whether all this comes to fruition or not is another story, but it's nice to see that there's some semblance of Star Trek to look forward to in the future. Out of all these ideas, I wouldn't mind seeing another animated series, since we really haven't had one since the 70s. If we do go that route, may I suggest you stick with a traditional animated style and stay away from the CG stuff? That style of animation is usually hit or miss and I don't want a CG series that looks worse than the cutscenes in the old Elite Forces computer games.

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