Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Bought The MMPR Archives Volume 1 Collection

For those who don't know, Boom Studios just released the first volume of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Archives comic collection, which is supposed to collect all the previously published comics from ages ago. Volume 1 collects all the Hamilton Comics series (6 Volume 1 issues, 4 Volume 2 issues, and 3 issues of a retelling of the TV show that was unfinished due to the license running out) as well as most of the Marvel Comics output (both their MMPR comic and their secondary Ninja Rangers run.)

For what it's worth, it's a pretty neat compilation with the artwork mostly unaltered (covers were changed to remove publisher logos and such) and the quality of the prints being clean for the most part. I bought this digitally for roughly 20 bucks, but I wouldn't mind coming across an actual physical book if I can find one.

Anyway, having a collection on hand is spurred the idea of trying to look at some of these comics individually and doing quick little write-ups on each issue. It's certainly worth thinking about.

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