Thursday, June 21, 2018

Ataribox After-Action Report: Atari Strikes Back At THE REGISTER!

Update: And now NintendoLife, a UK-based Nintendo news fansite, has picked up on the story.


Satirical news site The Register had posted a couple hilarious yet revealing articles in regards to the Ataribox device that people are apparently raving over. Well, this didn't sit well with Atari, who accused those dastardly Brits of publishing FAKE NEWS!

The Register shot back by releasing the audio interview they did with Ataribox cheif Michael Artz and well... I haven't heard it yet, but I'm assuming they're on the up and up and Atari is just being flaky at this point.

Look, whatever thoughts I have on this thing will be somewhat expressed on the House Show this weekend. In the meantime, however, your lovely Ataribox campaign has thus far amassed a grand total of $2,922,310 as of three minutes ago.

I would like to remind folks that the Ouya collected $8.5 million in their campaign.

Just a thought.

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