Thursday, June 7, 2018

A Glimpse Into Past Fanwankery

A piece of troubled teenhood, when my days in high school were spent doodling quick little comics with such silly concepts and ideas as a crossover between Street Fighter characters and Power Rangers characters. The artwork, as seen above depicting Ryu freeing a Ranger from Bison's energy tube thing, is crude and the story is perhaps more so, but it's not a far-fetched idea from what's being done with the phone game now.

And then I went ahead and turned it into an absurd fanfic that was eventually posted to the world and stuff. The funny thing was that at some point, I actually did try to piece together a more "serious" story that crossed over the universes of the Street Fighter II animated movie with the first MMPR feature film in a situation that allowed for a little more leeway than trying to work within the constrains of the bloated universes the source material became, but it never really went beyond the first couple chapters and even then... not much there to go on.

Maybe someday, I might post those up here if I still have them. I doubt that I do, but hey, something extra for the blog, I suppose.

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