Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Threat Of The Double Eagle (A Star Trek Thing)

It's a Star Trek fan story thing that uses some X-technology stuff from Star Fleet Battles (but has nothing to do with actual X-Ships or anything like that) and even features a couple ships from SFB.

Needless to say, discretion is adviced.

The U.S.S. Rhaka Khan was the first ship of its class; an old Light Cruiser retrofitted with experimental X-technology. X-technology was something that the Federation researched in the mid-23rd century for a brief time before abandoning it, but with the looming Borg threat and the advent of a possible war with the Gamma Quadrant-based Dominion, Starfleet revived research into X-technology and expanded on its abilities.

On the bridge of the U.S.S. Rhaka Khan, Captain Glen Disco sat in his command chair and stared intently at the viewscreen, which showed nothing but empty space amid a curtain full of stars. It would be a routine mission to test out this experimental X-technology, which comprised some enhanced power generators and even some experimental weapons. Disco surveryed his bus crew and looked to make his way to the ready room when long-range sensors detected an unidentified ship several light years away.

Disco ordered a visual on screen, which switched to a small speck of light in the distance growing slightly bigger. The ship was on an intercept course. Disco ordered for maximum magnification on the object in order to get a better look and upon doing so, Disco clenched his fist as his eyes gazed towards the new image on screen.

It was a Romulan vessel of some kind; somewhat resembling the old Bird Of Prey-type vessels, but this one seemed a bit thicker compared to what he knew of the ship. Not only that, but this Bird had two pairs of warp nassels on wings. To Disco, it was almost as though the Romulans took two Birds of Prey and welded them together. He had heard rumors of the Romulans assembling such vessels in a roughshod manner, supposedly reserved for Super Elite commanders of high stature... but he never could believe such a ridiculous claim.

And yet here he was; starting at such a vessel as confirmed by his tactical officer. Scanners also reported that with double the ships comes double the arnaments; with multiple Plasma Torpedo launchers and experimental disruptor banks. Disco clenched his teeth and ordered all hands to battle stations. As they had done in the past, the crew responded efficiently, raising shields, activating weapons, and bracing for the eventual confrontation.

Despite the offensive overture, Disco ordered his comm officer to open hailing frequencies in order to establish a dialogue with the Romulan captain. Much to his chagrin, there was no response and the double eagle continued its intercept course; almost a minute from firing range. Disco ordered all weapons on standby, his stone face betraying the sweat along his brow.

Without hesitation, the double eagle fired its first volley of plasma torpedoes, which moved much quicker than usual. Disco didn't hesitate in ordering evasive manuevers and watched as the Rhaka Khan easily dodge the first volley. Within seconds, Disco gave the order to fire and Rhaka Khan fired a full spread of phasers and heavy photon torpedoes. Several hits were scored on the Double Eagle, but its shields held firm.

Disco ordered his helm officer to give some distance between Rhaka Khan and the Romulan. When Rhaka Khan's aft was facing the double eagle, another volley of heavy photons was fired and struck its target. However, it was not enough to prevent the Romulan from firing its second Plasma volley, this time in the form of concentrated bolts that flew faster than the usual variety.

Rhaka Khan evaded the first torpedo and narrowly skimmed the second, draining its ventral shields down in half, but the third torpedo struck the aft shield and demolished it completely, leaving the ship exposed to a fourth and final torpedo that struck and disintegrated her secondary hull and warp engines.

Smoke and explosions shattered the bridge as debris went flying and crewman went down in heaps. Disco surveyed his surrounds and glanced at the tactical readout. The double eagle had managed to take out half his ship with half its volley. If the full payload had struck, he wouldn't be sitting on the bridge of his ship. Meanwhile, he called for a damage report and the results weren't pleasant. Warp power was demolished, impulse engines were shot, all weapons but one defensive phaser bank were rendered useless, and life support was slowly ebbing away.

With little recourse left, Disco took control of the helm and plotted a course towards the Romulan ship. The crippled Rhaka Khan made her way towards the Romulan ship, who fired back with disruptor bolts that somehow missed their target. Before long, Rhaka Khan drove its damaged saucer into the hull of the mighty eagle and an explosion soon cover the space where both ships occupied.

When the explosion dissipated, the Rhaka Khan was nowhere to be seen and the double eagle  was on the verge of splitting in half. Before long, another explosion erupted both ships into burning debris, with all hands on all sides lost in this particular battle.

Minus Warp Five.

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