Thursday, May 31, 2018

SFB Picks Up

This Star Fleet Battles campaign that I've been playing with my brother since the tail end of last year has been stalled for the past couple months. Partly because of my recent injury that left me at home and partly due to other stuff coming up. I was home for a month and big brother was home for a month. And in that time, we've played probably one game... which is really, really sad.

But it looks like things are eventually going to pick up. Forty-three turns in and I'm looking to start work on my first Starbase. Just as well because the number of space or planet-bound installations (comprising mostly construction yards, base stations, and early-era docks) is miniscule compared to the 100+ starships and freighters I have to play with.

Also, we found ourselves some white hex sheets and are in the process of converting everything from graph paper to hex spaces. Turns out it's not that complex of a system, but moving things around is a bit trickier in some regards.

Anyway, this was a completely random posting in what may very well be a series of them today.

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