Thursday, May 3, 2018

Random Stuff

So next Monday will see a new doggy video that will have a slight announcement regarding the next couple months of video material. Then on Tuesday, there will be a pick-ups video. Wednesday and Thursday will see video reviews and finally on Friday, a DTM Rambles video on Ataribox... because that seems a bit more relevant than the Sega/ATGames partnership (and there's actual new details that I've been waiting on.)

Is there anything being planned for May 4th? Nope. However, I may be going to see that new Avengers flick. Finally got around to watch that Thor movie and I thought it was quite a bit of fun. A drastically different tone from the two earlier films, but still a good time to be had with a couple funny moments and some top notch super heroics. There's still that Black Panther movie, but I'll wait for the DVD on that one.

The 100-Post Challenge II is taking place in July. A good chunk of the text based material is either being worked done or ready to go. The details are still being worked on, but there's going to be some old features making a comeback, some new features getting a test run, and more of the usual stuff.

This, along with the possible mass load, will be the make-up for the lack of material as of late and while I run the risk of pushing quantity over quality, I think I've done enough checking over and over to the point where I think there's a nice balance. In any event, 2018 is going to be a busy year... I hope.

Anyway, that's it for now.


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