Monday, May 14, 2018

I Am Not ALL IN... But Would Watch It On TV

So the big story as of late is that ALL IN, the independent wrestling show thing that is organized by Cody (Rhodes) and the Young Fucks... er, I mean, Bucks (sorry; slip of the tongue and all that jazz) that's being held at the Sears Arena in Chicago, has sold out in roughly half an hour. And without the benefit of television promotion, hyper hyperbole through the "usual" media circuits, or that WWE machine that people claim to hate but still support. For the record, I don't hate the machine; just the shitty shows they've been putting out in the past few years.

As for ALL IN selling out, that's pretty impressive. I'm sure we all had our doubts as to whether they could pull it off with what little in terms of promotion they had at their disposal, but the fact that they were able to pull it off shows that there is some genuine interest in what Cody and the Fucks (sorry, I mean Bucks... GODDAMIT WOO!) have in store for this show.

Think about it... there was nothing in terms of big-scale promotion; only lots of social media stuff and even then, not all that much. And on top of that, they didn't have a card on there. It's just three guys with a vision of sorts who wanted to put a big indy wrestling show at a rather big arena... and for the most part, their vision paid off in half an hour. There's an interest in this show and now that there's an audience, the real work begins.

Whatever the case may be come September - whether it ends up being a card for the ages or the proverbial drizzling shits - this is a good sign for the indy circuit and I wish Cody and the Bucks (got it right this time) all the best in their upcoming show.

Now if only they find themselves a nice streaming deal so that the rest of us can watch this thing...

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