Saturday, May 19, 2018

Flash Fiction #16: Balls In

This "All In" inspired flash fic is the only one that's inspired by an actual iteration, while the rest of the series (uploaded along the way) are just put together for fun.

"Hey, bro! Bro, bro, bro! I think all you marks need to take a step back and let me do this show, bro. I've done big business, bro!"

Cody thinks it over and shakes his head. "We don't reward bad behavior. Stay away from our event, bro."

"B-But bro! All I want is to help! Give me a job and I'll bring in reality and controversy because people will come to your show!"

Cody rolled his eyes. "Dude, we sold out in thirty minutes. And we already have a booker for our show. It's a dog and that dog writes better TV than you."

"Seriously, bro! You're going to tell the guy who made the Attitude Era a success to stay away and you're going to let your frickin' DOG write your TV, bro?!"

"Yep," Cody said, "Because he's a good boy."

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