Thursday, May 31, 2018

About That Enzo Rap

So former WWE Superstar, non-rapist fellow, and all-around nusance Enzo Amore released a rap video and... I didn't listen to it.

I'm not a rap guy; I like some rap when it has a good beat to it, but I generally don't care for it. So when someone like a former WWE guy who was already grating on the ears when he was a featured player on TV decides to cut a rap song, I'm not going to show much interest either.

While I did not listen to the song, I did see the video - the mute function is a beautiful thing, after all. And when I say that I "saw" the video, I mean to say that I skipped through a whole bunch of it, which apparently featured a fat guy, a coffin, and Enzo flipping off the viewer. Suddenly, that ad-blocking gimmick on my computer makes me thankful I'm sending cents his way because of this stupid thing.

In any event, if that's what he wants to do now, then all the best to him and hope he does well regardless of what direction he takes his future endeavors.

So long as he doesn't take any more sick bumps in a rasslin wring. Lord Cyrus might not like that.

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