Tuesday, April 3, 2018

VIDEO - MMA Fighter Guy Chael Sonnen Roasts Former MMA Diva Ronda Rousey

The context: Former UFC Diva Ronda Rousey did a couple interviews with ESPN where they asked about her future in the MMA circuit and Rousey dodged the questions. While this might seem like a dickish move on the part of the hosts to touch on a part of her life that she doesn't want to touch, there's also another side of the story, as MMA fight guy Chael Sonnen explains in the video.

My take? I really have none since I haven't seen the interviews in question. I have seen Ronda in other interviews and... well, vapid charisma vacuum is perhaps the most generous statement I can levy her way. So, I don't know. I can't agree or disagree.

This Chael fellow? Hell of a promo in this video. Why isn't he signed to an acting gig? He's got talent.

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