Monday, April 30, 2018

Progress Report: Good Enough To Have A Laptop On My Lap

So after two weeks of being bedridden and stuff, my leg is feeling a hell of a lot better and I've been moving around a lot more easily. Still got a week to go before I'm back to work and I've still got some moving around to do before I can safely say that I'm well enough to do some heavy stuff, but at the very least, I can keep a laptop on my lap for an hour or so while on the recliner, so that means I'm getting some of the written stuff out of the way.

To re-iterate what's been said in a previous post, I plan on resuming video uploads next Monday. The first new video up will be a DTM Rambles video and will probably touch on the whole Sega/ATGames partnership that seems almost detrimental. I would've liked to have touched on the whole Ataribox/VCS thing if more details on the project were forthcoming, but other than vague mentions that has been copied and pasted on various news sites, there hasn't been anything truly substantial in that regard. As such, I've opted to hold off on that topic for a much later episode.

Reviews are also progressing rather smoothly. I'm hoping to start building on that backlog and have enough to hold over for the next four or five months, even with a couple of those months being really heavy loads... but I'll get to that stuff later down the road.

Anyway, that's it for now. I'm off to bed. Later.

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