Wednesday, April 4, 2018

No Edge To Be Had With This "Super" Gamepad

$25.19 CDN is way too much for hot garbage.
So I went to Best Buy the other day and noticed something that was still on sale; the "Edge" Super Gamepad for the SNES Classic Edition plug-n-play console.

This is kinda funny when you consider that Best Buy hasn't sold an SNES Classic Edition console in months, while one or two may be spotted at a Walmart around these parts. Not only that, but Walmart has Hori-produced wireless gamepads while Best Buy was shilling their own long-wired NES/SNES Classic controllers under their Insignia brand.

And then there's the Edge Super Gamepad.

I picked up one of these months ago and I do believe it was even featured in a Pick-Ups video. The package isn't too bad; in addition to the gamepad, it also came with a USB-adaptor cable thing so that you can use the gamepad (or any other SNES/NES/Wii Classic Controller gimmick) on your PC with this cable. It also came with a specially made guide that covered the games featured on said SNES Classic Edition, as well as featuring some rather crude artwork.

The editor of the guide is a man named Mike Kennedy... and suddenly, Pat Contri is shaking his head in disappointment.

But back to the Edge Super Gamepad... it's not all that great.

On the one hand, the controller feels good in the hands, the buttons work great, the turbo fire switches are a nice addition, and the 10 feet of cable that the controller comes with is a nice little offering for those who would prefer to keep a fare amount of distance from their mini-console of choice.

On the other hand, the D-Pad is stiff as shit. It may look the part, but it sure as hell doesn't feel it. If nothing else, it feels a hell of a lot like those cheap aftermarket controllers for the NES or SNES; a D-Pad that not only has a tendency to response only MOST of the time, but will sometimes not give you precise movement. Want to go left? Press left, but don't inch your thumb downwards or else you'll crouch.

I was going to make a video on this thing, but at the end of the day, it simply isn't worth the effort. If you have an SNES Classic Edition and need extra cord, just buy extensions and be done with it. Those will serve you way more than the Edge ever would. I'm grateful for the USB adaptor cable thing, but I'm fairly sure I could've gotten one cheaper online if I wanted to.

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