Thursday, March 22, 2018

The New Shattered Grid Trailer Is Shit

So, JDF just put out a new trailer video for Boom Studios' upcoming Shattered Grid comic event; essentially a thrown-together, cheaply produced two minute diddy where JDF, playing the Lord Drakkon hybrid Ranger character a.k.a. another "evil Tommy" character that's about as unoriginal as anything out of poorly-written fanfiction, is looking over a bunch of stock footage while we get occasional shots of some old Ranger relics as well as two of the Sentries... whose costumes are embarassingly cheap looking and looking to be on the verge of falling apart.

Naturally, the fandom is praising this like hot stuff and already hoping we get more garbage like this. Because God knows that's precisely what this franchise needs is more poorly-realized shit. And I am just amazed by how everyone thinks this is all kinds of bad ass and they wish the current run of seasons would be more like this. Meanwhile, I'm watching this and laughing my ass off at how lame this whole thing is. The edge is adorable and this whole thing seems to emphasize on how silly and lame this whole Shattered Grid thing is going to turn out.

You know, it's amazing that five years after the fact, the lessons of the Legendary Farce have already been forgotten. Remember all the hype and hooplah over what was going to be the Ranger battle to end all Ranger battles? And then what happened? We got an underwhelmingly underwhelming pay off to an underwhelmingly poor couple seasons of Power Rangers. Even the extended cut did little to make the episode seem like less of a farce than it already was.

I feel sorry for JDF. It's true that I've given him shit in the past - some of it well deserved - but I truly feel bad for him and wonder for his mental state. This is a man who wanted nothing to do with the failed MMPR Fan Film project or that other spoof that I've sinced dubbed "Power Rangers For Retards" because they're not official Saban productions. And yet here he is participating in an official Saban production and it comes off almost as bad as those other productions. It's almost as though he so wanted a spin-off series for his one and only noteworthy character that he was willing to do a shittier manchild version for the sake of getting the fans to eat up whatever snake oil Boom Studios has cooked up this time.

And it's funny; a year or so ago, I whipped up a quick image of the Green Ranger taking a dump in the toilet and postulated that JDF was so desperate and pathetic that he would've done a movie of said Green Ranger taking a shit for two hours and the fans would eat it up. Considering the response the trailer's been getting, that statement is coming off more and more likely these days.

Anyway, those are my two cents.

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