Thursday, March 29, 2018

Did People Really Want An Irate Gamer Return?

So apparently, Chris Bores is back and he's bringing the Irate Gamer with him.

A new video was posted on Bores' old channel (formerly the IrateGamer channel before undergoing a name change to the CB Network before settling on the quaintly-named CHRIS-TUBE) in which Bores dies at Super Mario Bros and throws something at his TV before declaring "I'm back."

The Irate Gamer, for those who don't know, is a "review" show where Chris Bores portrays said Gamer who is always angry... er, I mean, IRATE at all the bad games he has to play. In an effort to be different from that other guy who is always angry at all the bad plays he has to play, he also gets irate at all the fan favorites too. If you really need more details on this fellow, there's already a blog that touches on Bores' body of work in much more detail than I'd care to look into.

I suppose the question remains is there an audience for the return of the Irate one because I'm not sure I've encountered anyone who had been wondering why there hasn't been any new Irate Gamer videos as of late. Hell, I had completely forgotten about the poor fellow until a visit to said blog had made me aware of said video.

This is simple "hating" for the sake of "hating." Unlike other people, if I genuinely hate something, I would not be calling attention to it. That's why certain pieces of business will never get touched upon here. But Bores has always been that oddity that people found offensive, but I found mildly amusing for all the wrong reasons.

But in any event, hide your Skylander toys. Because the Irate Gamer is coming back whether you want it or not.

Now, if only we'd get through IG's History Of Video Games in a more timely fashion...

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