Friday, March 23, 2018

A REALLY OLD Comment On A Forgotten MMPR "Fan" Film

Digging up the now-defunct MMPR Fan Film project, I came across a comment that was posted on my commentary video for one of their trailer from around 2014-ish. I seem to have recalled touching on this one of the prior DTM-Cast audio programs (Episode 24, for those curious), but I decided to turn the comment into a post for the sake of content and historical context from a voice not my own.

I don't recall the name or handle of the person who posted this, as the comments on Dailymotion videos have been excised for some reason, so the transcript is from one of the old DTM-Cast posts. Somewhere along the way, I want to do one final write-up on this thing, but that's a long way to go.

In any event, the MMPR Fan Film comment on an old video, with some minor notes on my end.

"From what I know/have heard, [the producers of this thing] apparently thought [Power Rangers] wasn't still running and in the beginning had only seen Season 3 of MMPR and Time Force, thought they could make something off this from old fans [or at least those riding the nostalgia train] and when realizing the show is still going strong, decided that the fandom needed a 'Dark & Gritty' reboot.

[Because that's all mature and stuff... the problem with that line of thinking is that when one usually tries to make some light-hearted into something mature, it's done in the most immature way that when you see the final product, you're wondering if the whole thing was done by three year olds wanting to be all grown-up and completely missed the point of maturity. Case in point; DC and Marvel comics. But I digress.]

Main reason discussing this will get you banned from forums [mainly Rangerboard - Rangercrew did have a thread up, but I don't think there's an out-and-out rule banning all discussion of the thing] is because they refused to answer questions straight, were pretty damn rude to more then a few 'critiques', and were just unpleasant. [I followed the threads on Rangerboard and Rangercrew and you're spot on about all that. To my own recollection, it got REAL UGLY, REAL FAST.] That, and apparently some of the people working of this didn't know what 'Sentai' was. [I honestly would be surprised if they did knew anything about Sentai.] 

One of the actors [the guy who's playing the Red Ranger in that thing, I think] joined at a later date and tried to explain some things, but just caused even more confusion. Combine this with information changing every so often on their kickstarter and changing their minds on what this is gonna be several times...yeah. Not gonna make anyone happy.

[Yeah, if I remember, they did a Kickstarter with the intent of making it a movie with some mini-trailers or something, then it became a webseries, then it's a movie, then it became a pitch for a SyFy Original Series, and it's a webseries again, and they were gonna get Jason Frank to reprise the role of Tommy cause the guy's a big ol' publicity whore riding the nostalgia train along with the rest of them, but then he said he wasn't gonna do it, they got Robert Axelrod to do the voice of Zedd again, but doesn't quite have the same umph as before unless they were to enhance the voice somehow... by the way, it's a webseries and we're gonna have trailers for the trailers of the upcoming episodes because that's hip and cool and... I might have missed the announcement where they were turning it into a high school musical based on a script by the same genius who brought infamous fanfic Agony In Pink or something, but I digress.]

by the way, if you don't know what Agony in Pink is, you're very fortunate and I'll leave it at that.

I can agree with the comments you made here though. At no point when watching that trailer did I think this felt like any kind of PR. [For those wondering about said comments, look up the video and you'll see my rambling thoughts there. But to sum up my thoughts on the trailer, it looked like a generic military trailer that is about as much of a Power Rangers thing as pro wrestling is a real sport. It's just something that could've been its own original thing that would probably blend in with the rest of the souless, dark, dreary, unimaginative crap that's floating around these days, but because they word drop some familiar names and terminology, it's supposedly a more adult Power Rangers thing or something... whatever.]

Thankfully, there are some other fan films in the works which actually look to be quite interesting. You heard of anything for a fanfilm called 'Zordon of Eltar'?" [As a matter of fact, I've seen their trailer and their pitch video for the kickstarter campaign and it looks like a worthwhile project. Wouldn't mind checking that out if they can get it going. There was also that other short film that I saw called Red Rising, which I thought was a fun little thing and I even liked the leather jacket idea for the morphed Ranger. I don't know if that was before or after GoBuster, which were Rangers in leather jackets.]

And then in 2019, we're getting Go-Busters in the form of Beast Morphers.

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