Wednesday, March 21, 2018

A Bunch Of Random Crap

So, a couple folks have been wondering why there hasn't been much RAW talk on the blog, considering they started building towards Wrestlemania and also they recently had the Ultimate Deletion that saw Bray Wyatt get deleted and stuff. Well, it boils down to a couple reasons.

1 - I've been recovering from a cold. Hence the lack of frequent "worthwhile" posts such as videos and stuff.

2 - I haven't had the need to watch RAW in years and whatever I might've missed, I can easily catch on Youtube via official clips. No need to sit through three hours of stuff.

Right now, there's nothing on the "road to Wrestlemania" that has me remotely interested in the show beyond a strictly superficial level, but with news of Daniel Bryan Danielson being cleared to compete, I may be tempted to follow the road a little more closely... but not too closely, because I've got stuff to catch up on.

In other news, I've been lagging on the movie watching bit as of late. Off the top of my head, the last movie that I can recall going to the theatre to watch was The Last Jedi and since then, there hasn't been much that piqued my interest. No, not even the modern-day blaxploitation film Black Panther has garnered much interest from me. I don't know, man. There's nothing on the waves or on the tube that has me really hooked as of late. I've dabbled on some of the Marvel stuff on Netflix, but after Defenders, I was done.

Now I just stick with binging on old episodes of Star Trek, Power Rangers, and other stuff. And mostly for the purposes of trying to turn those viewing experiences into material for the blog... which may or may not be considered a bad thing, I don't know.

So I decided to make the plunge and donate a couple bucks of Classic Game Room's Patreon page so that I could check out the new Classic Game Room 2085 show that started earlier this month. This new show is available on Amazon Prime... in the U.S. Outside of the U.S., you're shit out of luck, which means signing on to the Patreon and checking out the shows there. And in hindsight, I'm glad that I DIDN'T make the plunge to Prime, as there was no way I could honestly justify going with a one-year commitment for a service that would have me watch just one show.

So, about Classic Game Room 2085... it's essentially the same Classic Game Room that you got for the past couple years, except much longer and with more stuff within. Each episode features a game review, some viewer mail, and a couple other features depending on the theme of the show. I want to say that the show feels like a step up from the smaller reviews, but the truth is it's really more of the same. Now for me, that's fine and the longer format feels a bit more flexible, but if you didn't care for the recent reviews on the old Youtube channel, then this new 2085 variation isn't going to change your mind any better.

Anyway, I'm going to see if I can get back into the groove of finding my voice so I can start dubbing videos again. I desperately need to catch up in that regard, but on the bright side, most of the text stuff that's on tap to be posted in the near future is pretty much done and will publish on schedule. So that's one less headache to worry about.

Later, folks.

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