Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Beast Morphers

So, if you haven't heard the news lately, here's a brief summation.

After 25 years of a long, fruitful partnership that is Power Rangers, Saban Brands and Bandai have parted ways and the license has been acquired by Hasbro Toys. Apparently, this new partnership is so special that it has presented the franchise with a fresh new logo. And it looks okay; more "modern" or something and much more straightforward. Clearly, a new era indeed.

Not only that, but 2019's iteration of Power Rangers will be entitled Beast Morphers and will adapted the 2012 series Sentai Go-Busters... the one that was skipped over a few years back in favor or whatever series Dino Charge was adapting. This intrigues me somewhat; not because I was desperately wanting Go-Busters or something, but because Saban is now tasked with crafting a new series that is several years old and trying to make it seem hip and fresh.

Because the series is several years old, there are no surprises to be had here. Producers will know precisely what to expect and how to use the series to tell their new vision, which has something of an interesting premise; a computer virus striking at the Morphing Grid itself is something that feels interesting.

As for the Hasbro thing? I don't know what to expect since I'm not a toy collector, but it's Hasbro; they know toys, so I'm sure they'll do some cool stuff with the franchise.

So, yeah. Color me somewhat intrigued by what's coming... even if I'm just setting myself up for disappointment.

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