Saturday, January 20, 2018

Random Thoughts On... The Upcoming Shattered Grid (MMPR Comic)

The above image sums up my thoughts on this whole thing in a nutshell.

Look, for longtime fans, seeing other Ranger teams in comic book form should be a ball... but wouldn't it be better if they had their OWN comic books to partake in rather than having to share space with the Mighty Morphin reboot series that seems to have such a massive hard-on for the Tommy Oliver character that their big idea for a new evil Ranger was the same old tired "Evil Tommy" trope that has permeated many lazy fanfics written over the years.

I know. I've been there... but at least, in my defense, I used his clone, made him immortal, and ended up turning him into a bit of a puppet master before eventually killing him off in brutal fashion.

I want to get excited for this big event. The new Boom! Studios comic is actually pretty good when it isn't doing the Tommy Wankfest thing and is giving the property the right kind of maturity. But when all there is to look forward is "Evil Tommy" being the big bad for a major event when you have many more enticing options, it's hard to give this thing anything less than the above image.

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