Monday, December 11, 2017

VIDEO - Oh... Speaking Of Which

Because we needed to give Street Fighter some (more) love, I guess...

Capcom will be releasing a Street Fighter 30th Anniversary collection of most of the 2D Street Fighters for a total of twelve games. This includes the original Street Fighter game, the first five iterations of Street Fighter II (Original, Champion Edition, Hyper Fighting, Super SF2, and Super Turbo), the three Street Fighter Alpha games (but no Alpha 2 Gold or Alpha 3 Upper - unless those are "hidden" games), and all three iterations of Street Fighter III (New Generation, Second Impact, and Third Strike).

Despite whatever half-hearted pot-shots that I might toss towards the series' current direction, this is actually not a bad deal. Would've been nice if they had included something like HD Remix (though I could understand why they wouldn't; it might take away from the specialness of Ultra SF2) or maybe a version of Street Fighter I that isn't total shit, but this isn't too bad, either. And four of the games even have online play for those who care for that sort of thing.

Expect fists to fly in May.

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