Tuesday, November 21, 2017

On Second Thought...

I'm not touching Survivor Series in a write-up. To sum things up, the Brock Lesnar vs. AJ Styles was a far better match than I was expecting - certainly the best Brock Lesnar match in recent memory - and the rest of the show was a huge, colossal waste of time. I only caught the tail end of the show and that was pretty much all I needed to watch.

Certainly not helping was the overcrowded bickering announcers, who were bitching all night about whose show is better as if anyone is supposed to care about that kind of garbage. It's almost as though WWE finally decided to respond to TNA's attempt at ripping off heel Michael Cole with heel Josh Matthews by giving us a show with more wretched commentary.

So fuck that show. I'll do the Wargames musings next week when all this Starrcade stuff is out of the way. And if they ever decide to upload that Brock vs. AJ match onto their Youtube channel down the line, I'd say give it a watch. AJ looked like someone who took it to the beast, Brock looked like he actually gave a shit for once, and the end result is a nice little battle between two champions... which will undoubtedly be rendered completely meaningless if AJ drops the belt back to the failed experiment that is Jindermahinder.

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