Thursday, November 23, 2017

Graves. Russo. Gawd On a Pole.

The perfect reaction to this whole thing

This brief exchange between WWE commentator Corey Graves and former WWE/WCW/TNA head writer Vince Russo a couple days ago was apparently newsworthy for some reason, so let's check out said posts after the break...

It all began with Russo tweeting about the lack of enthusiasm commentators had over the Jason Jordan vs. Braun Strowman match... which, to be fair, lacks anything worth being excited about:

Russo decided that the best way to get a rise out of people is to mock their choice of clothing. Russo apparently has a thing with the way people dress... what with that incident over whether the suit Jim Cornette wore on one TNA taping was canary yellow or not.

Corey Graves, who's usually a bright fellow (or at least, that's what I hear - I wouldn't know otherwise), decided to give Russo his five seconds of attention.

What Graves did is really uncalled for. I'm sure his 9-year-old is more sophisticated than Russo in regards to insults. Hell, I'd argue his 9-year-old can conjure up better insults than Baron Corbin, who should stay away from Twitter wars and just stick with the sports entertainment rasslin' bits that he's somewhat better at doing.

Then WWE Creative Humor, a parody Twitter account that has late WWE legends Gorilla Monsoon and Bobby "The Brain" Heenan providing commentary on current wrestling events. One of these bits of commentary, naturally, earned a response from Mr. Russo;

Dude, no need to mention God here. Unless you're talking about the pole, in which case... leave it on the pedestal you worship and leave us the hell alone.

You'd figure that someone who once wrote television, edited a magazine, and had a degree in journalism would know the difference between the words "WHERE" and "WEAR"... aside from the difference in one letter. I can at least forgive Corbin for confusing "WHERE" and "WERE" because goddamn, I'd imagine he doesn't feel like typing on a touchscreen to piss out some Twits on Twitter, but... seriously, dude.

Even Pee-Wee Herman would know the difference between "WHERE" and "WEAR." And he DOESN'T have God in his life. He has a playhouse and bicycle... and presumably some dirty magazines stashed away somewhere... oh wait, I've said too much, haven't I?

I'm sure if Russo comes across this site and reads this post, he'll probably think that he found a mark to castrate or whatever it is... except he doesn't read, does he? I suppose he could get one of his minions to read for him and then Russo could waste time bitching about some nobody when he could be doing something worthwhile. Because that's what having God in your life does to you, folks. He has you bitching about "internet marks" on a podcast and filing restraining orders against people you have virtually no chance of meeting in real life because of some things said on some other podcast.

Suddenly, I remembered why I block him on Twitter before he got a single word in. It explains why I installed a web gimmick that allows me to redirect to other website; such as directing me to Jim Cornette's page whenever I try to access Russo's. Frankly, if Russo is THAT desperate for a new mark to bitch about on his podcast, all he needs to do is take a good long look in the mirror and he'll find the biggest mark staring right back at him. After all, you are your own biggest mark, for better or worse.

Well, that was a complete waste of time that merited preservation and discussion on this here blog with so little views. But you know what? I needed the diversion, because this other thing I'm working on is driving me insane here.

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