Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Power Rangers Reflections Redux #00: A Re-Introduction

So we're going to give this another shot, right?

So long story short, I occasionally have a tendency to write some retrospective commentaries on some episodes of Power Rangers with the intention of making this a semi-regular thing. Despite several attempts at doing so, things have a way of not going your way. And so only less than a dozen of these things were posted, with a few more in the archives nearing completion or something.

Ten years later, I want to give this thing another shot. But this time, I came prepared.

Starting in October, I'll be rebooting my PR Reflections commentary series with a combination of re-edited old posts and entirely new posts covering new episodes (one of them is the pizza episode.) In regards to the recycled posts, they will either be lightly edited to fix a few typos and integrate some minor bits or they will be somewhat drastically reworked to flow a little better. In some cases, there might be entire segments re-written.

And since this will be the second or third time some of this stuff is getting reposted, there's a need to try and clean up some redundant material in the backlogs. As a result, all the old entries from early on have been or will be scrubbed and replaced with archival material; either old Bite commentaries or unpublished supplementary material. The links on the Documents page will also be removed and reflect the new entries when they are eventually posted. This is being done in an effort to try and clean up some old, redundant posts that are either repeats or obsolete (broken vids, etc.).

As far as the new entries are concerned... well, they're new entries. Some of them are old writings that were left dormant for years and finally finished while others are new entries from scratch. In regards to choosing which episodes to write up on, I've tried to vary the palette a bit and not keep it strictly within the realm of MMPR. In fact, one of them is a multi-parter that I wanted to touch on for a very long time.

For the most part, the heavy duty stuff is pretty much done, as these were done months ago with the intent of having some semblance of material ready to post on a semi-timely basis. On last count, I've got about twenty of these in the can and there's a possibility that more might be whipped together. But even if it doesn't last longer than twenty, at least it'll last longer than it has in the past, which is saying quite a bit all things considered.

So that's the intro, there's the new tag, and next week, we go back to the beginning... again.

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