Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Live RAW On Christmas And New Year's Day... WTF?

WWE announced recently that Monday Night RAW will broadcast LIVE on Christmas Night and New Year's Eve for the first time ever... because that's precisely what I want for Christmas is more mediocre sports entertainment... that I won't even watch. And please spare the "Oh you don't watch, but you will." Motherfucker, I haven't seen a full episode of RAW in years. Besides, I've got better things to do those days; family get togethers, Christmas dinners, and watching bad Christmas specials like Alpha's Magical Christmas.

Yeah, that's right. I'd rather watch a shitty Power Rangers X-Mas special than an episode of RAW and I've would said this even during the prime days when the show had stuff that was worth a damn on television... actually, you know what? Fuck that. Why watch a three hour snorefest like RAW when there's a new Doctor Who that night? You think I'm dropping Peter Capaldi's last outing as the Doctor so I could see Roman Reigns get booed or the eventual return of the Queen of Ear Rape herself?

People barely watch these things when they're taped. They had a Tribute To The Troops one Christmas and nobody cared. And now these fucking clowns think that because the shows are LIVE, people are going to care? Is it really worth depriving all the poor folks of quality time with their families for a live show almost nobody will watch?

Dude, how about putting together a product that's worth caring about outside of the three-month stretch that leads up to Mania, brother? Then, I'll sing your fucking praises. But until then... no thanks, I'll just stick with the PPVs that you're putting on the WWE Network since that's where the worthwhile content is coming from these days and even that's a MASSIVE stretch these days.

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