Sunday, August 27, 2017

Is Seth Rollins A "Real-Life Power Rangers?" (No, he isn't.)

(You know what? I might consider making this into a video... just to gauge some kind of reaction to this reaction.)

WWE sometimes comes up with the stupidest shit. Not just in terms of their on-screen feuds and storylines, but also their website content. Not a major media event goes where WWE isn't doing some stupid thing like photoshopping lightsabers into action shots or having wrestlers fight dinosaurs in poor mock-ups. Sometimes, stuff like this is cute, but then there are times when you just roll your eyes.

Case in point,'s most recent article in which they try to sell readers on the idea that WWE Superstar, current RAW tag-team champion, former WWE World Champion, and Wrestlemania 31 savior Seth Rollins is a real-life, honest-to-goodness Power Ranger.

No... really.

For those who haven't a clue what I'm talking about - either because you've ignored the whole thing or because you're reading this years after it was written and thus need some semblance of context - here's a quick recap.

Someone posted on Twitter the following image of Seth Rollins' various wrestling attires and compared to them to various Power Rangers.

Apparently, according to Twitter fellow CineAndrew, this is why Seth Rollins is good at flips. Because he has outfits that resembled the White Ranger, Gold Ranger, and Quantum Ranger from MMPR, Zeo, and Time Force respectively.

This image earned a reply from the official Power Rangers Twitter, which basically said "We knew @WWERollins had super human powers!"

Even Rollins joined in on the fun and referenced Lord Zedd, basically saying that "Lord Zed (sic) doesn't stand a chance."

Now, this isn't really bad. Some playful tweets here and there. Nothing out of the ordinary.

Leave it to WWE to take a silly little thing and add in a whole bunch of stupid to the proceedings by turning this whole affair into a article. Except it's not even so much as an article as it just a lazy recap of this whole thing... you know, like the recap I just gave you right now.

To its credit, WWE knows the names of the Rangers referenced and even brings up Lord Zedd (and spelled it properly!), but nothing in this article sells me on the idea that Rollins is a "real-life" Power Ranger or whatever. It's just one of those Buzzfeed-inspired clickbait articles where they put up a catchy headline to bait you in and you just get a bunch of recycled images. Their whole point is a silly picture where one guy's set of outfits look similar to those of fictional superheroes.

So, here's the deal. Is Seth Rollins a talented performer? Sure, he is. He has slick aerial moves, he's a good talker, and he pulled off the most superheroic feat of his career by saving the Wrestlemania 31 main event from a shitty Roman Reigns vs. Brock Lesnar.

But, by no means is Seth Rollins a "real-life" Power Ranger.

For one thing, he takes his shirt off. That's when he starts looking like some dude. Second thing, he does sweet flips, but so does a couple hundred other folks in the wrestling business today. Do we call them Rangers too?

Oh, and by the way, does anyone remember Montel Vontavious Porter, otherwise known as MVP?

Remember when he wore this outfit?

Yeah, you know what people did when I saw him in that get up? They started chanting "POWER RANGER" for a couple minutes. Where was's article on MVP being a "real-life" Power Ranger?

Also, you have a bunch of luchadores who not only wore full body spandex, but them being luchadors, they also wore masks and did all sorts of flips. Where are their "real-life" Power Ranger articles?

Lastly... and this is the most important thing... POWER RANGERS IS A TV SHOW.

So there... I proved nothing. Seth Rollins isn't a superhero. And WWE is run by idiots.

Go go brain aneurysm.

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