Sunday, July 9, 2017

Flash Fiction #14 - Unknown Cyclists Retire

Dug this up from the archives while doing a bit of clean up. This was written as part of a gag newsletter for a school project back in the early-2000s, so it's probably the oldest piece of business here as far as the flash fiction bits go. Have fun.

Two relatively unknown cyclists, brothers Jason and Michael Milton, have posted on social media that they are retiring from the sport of cycling.

The Milton brothers - Jason, age 18 and Michael, age 22 - have been riding their bikes around the local park for the past six months. They haven't been involved in any major races or marathons, they haven't competed in any championships, and nobody short of their closest friends and family had even heard of the cycling brothers until word of their retirement had gotten out.

When asked why they were retiring from cycling before their time, Jason answered on their behalf.

"We each bought new cars last week and had to pawn our bikes. So we are calling it quits."

Betting lines are open as to how long this new endeavor lasts. I give it two weeks.

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