Thursday, June 1, 2017

Flash Fiction #12: Dive.


The match begins with a handshake. After a minute of stalling and teasing a grapple, we have a brief flurry of punches and kicks being traded between the two competitors. Then DIVE.

Next up is a series of fast-paced, high-flying acrobatic moves exchanged between the two, each move followed by a DIVE.

Then we head into the segments where one wrestler catches the other in a submission maneuver of some kind, which is supposed to cripple the opponent's leg. The wrestler holds on to this hold for five minutes while the crowd chants how awesome this is. Then the wrestler releases the hold and goes for a DIVE.

The other wrestler recovers, his leg fine and healthy. Then he also DIVES.

And then a whole bunch of shit happens that nobody cares about and the audience just eats it up because as long as the guys are flipping and flopping all over their place, their enjoyment will never DIVE.

The End.


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