Saturday, May 27, 2017

Every Indy Match Now

From the RipRogers twitter, who was sent this by somebody else... though I made the effort in formatting this a little better so that it isn't just a block of text. I leave this to you to debate among yourselves:


Drawn Out Move Exchange.

"This Is Awesome" chant

Strike Exchange


No Sell Indy Strongstyle


More Strikes

No Sells


Flippy Floppy Sequence


Hit Each Other With Everyone's Finisher Then Humpty Dumpty We All Fall Down

"Fight Forever" chant

Rinse and Repeat Until Every Move Is Useless And Means Nothing


Take Unsafe Shot That Looks Like Shit And Hurts Like Hell

Roll-Up Finish

Handshake And Hug After Match

Everyone's Hand Raise

All These Guys Chant.

Go Home And Type On Social Media Thanking Your Opponents For The Match

Telling Others They Should Book Them.


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