Monday, May 29, 2017

Audiences LOVE Baywatch... But Not The Movie (Or Else It'd Actually Make Money)

The Rock telling The People that they like Baywatch.
Chances are none of these folks actually saw the movie.

So this past weekend, the Rock did a rare stupid thing by playing the whole "Critics vs. Fans" card, citing that while reviews for his new Baywatch reboot may have been shit, the fans voiced their approval loud and cleared, as indicated by the metrics over at Rotten Tomatoes... because when you need a good, solid metric on what makes a movie good, you go to a site called Rotten Tomatoes.

That's like expecting a credible review from someone who calls himself the Angry Video Game Nerd.

Unfortunately, while audiences liked Baywatch, they didn't like it enough to pay money for it, as the movie only raked in close to $22 million on opening weekend; apparently, that's considered a belly-flop. The film's budget is $60 million. So that 77% approval rating over at that Tomato site... apparently comes from people who didn't see the film.

I'm kidding, of course... or perhaps not. It's hard to tell since anyone can vote whether they've seen the movie or not. So it's entirely possible...

Now, look. I like Rock. I think he's a great one. And the guy can be forgiven for the occasional bomb or two along the way. I'm just scared that if they make a Baywatch sequel, it'll be direct to video and star Larry The Cable Guy. That's what happened with The Tooth Fairy, after all.

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